We have solved a problem you care about

We started working on the idea for Clone Futura in late 2013 when we realized how difficult it was to connect with people who can teach various subjects, skills and topics you want to learn.

Like a father of 3 kids who told us that despite his busy schedule as a manager in a top firm, he has had to resort to tutoring his kids himself because he hadn't been able to find a tutor for them in over 3 months, even though they live close to the University of Mumbai where there are literally thousands of people who have the competence and passion to tutor his kids. We felt compelled to bridge that gap. We wanted to make it very easy, reliable and safe to connect with quality private instructors to learn what matters to you.

On the other hand, people who can teach these subjects and skills had no platform where they could be found - but not anymore. Clone Futura has evolved from more than 16 months of delicate planning, interviewing hundreds of people across India, writing complex code and tweaking the plan to ensure we create a trustworthy platform that reliably connects both parties in a way that you can be proud of.

Now you can learn the things that matter to you

Training & Improving Tech performance for kids and adults, Clone Futura helps you connect with qualified private tutors, instructors, coaches and mentors in your community.

From improving technology skillsfor kids and seniors, to excelling at various devices, tools, digital or technical skills and even mastering skills like MS Office, Tally, Wordpress, Android, iPhone, iPad, Paint, Photoshop, etc., Clone Futura helps you connect with qualified private tutors, instructors, coaches and mentors in your community.

Or make a difference, teaching what you love

We love exceptional teachers! Teaching is both who we are and what we do, and there's no better time to become a prestigious tutor on Clone Futura than right now! We have built the most reliable platform to help you teach more people and make greater impact in your own community.

From enrolling your tutoring subjects, to gaining exposure for your expertise, managing lesson schedules, planning your time, collecting payments and growing your business, Clone Futura takes care of every detail so that you can focus 100% on providing great service to your clients, teaching what you love. With Clone Futura, you're part of a community that's constantly opening new frontiers for you to make more impact.

Whatever your interests, you can trust Clone Futura

Clone Futura is built on trust. We have gone the extra mile to ensure your absolute peace of mind when hiring or tutoring, as well as maintain a secure platform for collecting and transferring payments after lessons have been delivered, which helps to protect your data, monitor lessons, quality and resolve any complaints.

Clients and tutors leave reviews after having lessons which are displayed on their profiles and also used to evaluate performance. All activities are monitored and reviewed by our quality team, and only tutors who continue to offer great service can remain on Clone Futura. So you can learn and teach with confidence knowing that Clone Futura will never compromise on quality and safety. Welcome Home.

The Clone Futura Experience

Quality Tutors

Only the very best applicants are approved and continuously reviewed to ensure top quality.

Safety First

Clone Futura sets high safety standards and will never compromise on your peace of mind.

Secure Payments

Payments and earnings are always protected till lessons are fully delivered.

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