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Why become a private tutor with Clone Futura?

You can turn your passion to a source of money while making impact in your area & community.

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We recommend you to hundreds of clients in your area every single day, so your business is never off.

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Receive hassle-free payments, track your earnings, batches and performance in one click!

Have No Worries

With all payments and paperwork handled, and every issue resolved, all you have to do is teach.

Let's explain how this works

Clone Futura connects you with people seeking private tutoring in subjects you love to teach.

The tutoring service everyone trusts

Exceptional tutors are the bedrock of our trusted community. Clients use Clone Futura to get the best suitable & freindly tutors who physically connect with them to deliver one-on-one tutoring at their suitable time & place. Tutors and clients provide ratings and feedback after every lesson, and Clone Futura handles all payments, administration and disbursements.

Pricing and earnings

It's absolutely free to become a private tutor with Clone Futura. After every skill test we set your level & hourly prices for each subject you teach. Clone futura appreciate your efforts, dedication & your togetherness and hence increase your hourly rates based on many appreciation factors like client ratings, repeat customers, no. of hours tought, trainer or customer referal. The revenue model for trainer is designed in such a way where they will get rewards for their every efforts & they just need to focus on training & improving the quality of training. Our favorite part is that you can withdraw all your earnings with in a week after completion of course! No need to wait till month end.

See How Much You Can Make

You are the expert, we simply help you make more money.

Learning from inspiring instructors is the heart of Clone Futura, and we believe your knowledge and skills deserve a professional presence. Join the ride, Clone Futura belongs to you.

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In order to tutor with Clone Futura, you must have had some formal or informal teaching experience, be committed to providing high-quality one-on-one tutoring services at all times and have excellent customer service skills. You also have to be over 18 years, have a valid ID card and should be able to confirm personal details like email address, social networks, education and bank details, as well as pass our subject competency assessments and provide guarantors if necessary.

Tutoring subjects

You can teach almost any technical subject on Clone Futura! Over 500 subjects, gadgets, skills and exams are currently supported like MS Word, MS Office, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tally, Wordpress, Blogging, Paint, HTML, Java, C++, Cyber Safety, etc. The more subjects you offer, the more clients you're likely to receive. Plus you can turn off any subject if you need to take a break, and turn it back on when you're ready to continue accepting clients. With Clone Futura, you're always in control!

Clone Futura is totally flexible , you control everything

For example, let's say you set only Saturdays 2pm to 6pm for tutoring, clients will only be able to book lessons with you within that period. You also state how far you're willing to travel for lessons; and if you won't be available on a particular Saturday, just turn it off on your calendar and no one can hire you.

Days and hours

You choose your own schedule! Once you set your calendar, we ensure that you only receive bookings when you're available. When you're booked, we prevent others from booking that same timeslot so you're never overwhelmed. You also set cancellation and travel policies, and since we are nationwide, you'll be able to receive clients anywhere you are in the country. So feel free to take Clone Futura everywhere you go, like your very own PA. Don't forget to always keep your calendar up-to-date!

So who can apply?

Clone Futura tutors come from all walks of life and are friendly members of your community who primarily love to teach! Anyone who's smart, has a passion to teach and want to help others and earn extra cash with their free time can join Clone Futura!

Sounds Great! So What Next?

Apply to become a tutor in 4 simple steps. We’ll be with you each step of the way

1. Apply online

2. Complete identity verification

3. Pass competency assessments

Enroll subjects to receive clients

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