Reasons To Learn AI

AI is everywhere. AI is entering into every field. Most jobs in 2024 are going to be AI-based.

Artificial Intelligence is teaching machines to think for themselves. It is a way to ease human life by making it more productive and efficient.

Irrespective of what stream students pick, curiosity and awareness about AI are guaranteed to take them a long way.

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How AI Looks In Real Life

Make Your House Smart

Virtual assistants like Alexa have made household chores so much easier and even fun. With just a spoken command, this AI can carry out query-based searches and even accomplish tasks like controlling appliances.

For Self-Driving Cars

With AI, cars can see, think, learn and navigate through infinite driving scenarios. Driverless cars can take human motorists out of the equation entirely, expelling drowsy, disabled, or distracted drivers from the roads.

AI In Industries

In the food-producing industry, AI-powered mechanization can automatically sort out poor quality items from the assembly lines accurately. This saves time, human resource and saves time, but maintaining quality.

AI Creating Buildings

While designing buildings, there is a lot of previous data that has to be considered systematically each time a new project starts. AI can help generate a lot of variations using this data while following given parameters.

AI Is For You.

AI is for everyone, in fact..

Whether you are a student just curious about how smart machines work or someone dreaming of a job as an AI designer or as a Data Scientist, this course has something for everyone.

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Why Learning AI With Us Is Better

Here are all the reasons that make us perfect for you.

Designed, Taught and Certified By IIT Alumni: You get personalized attention from the country's best.

Additional Benefits: 3 Months extended mentor-ship by their IIT Trainer and collaborate on a unique project. Selected projects even get showcased at the annual IIT TechFest.

4 Days action Power-packed Course: You gain a thorough grasp of Python and Data Science and get introduced to the world of AI. Sessions involve practically developing your own AI widgets.

No prior coding knowledge is necessary.

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The AI Program Outline

The Team That Made This Possible

The founding team and faculty consists of academic experts and industry professionals with research and entrepreneurial expertise in AI from Stanford & IIT.

Abhinav Kaushik

IIT Graduate
Faculty Advisor

Vaibhaw Kumar

IIT Graduate

Ish Bawa

Project Advisor

Vidushi Daga

Clone Futura

The People Who Loved Learning With Us