Camp Overview

Our AI Camp is designed as the first point of contact for students to understand and experience the world of AI.

While with us, students learn of the fundamental AI concepts and get hands-on practice by building a mentor-led, socially impactful, AI projects of their own.

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Camp Prerequisites

You need no prior programming or CS background.

We do appreciate if you come with a curiosity about AI.

Students with any prior programming experience may also join the batch.

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Student Outcomes

Students’ Own AI Widgets : A part of this camp is learning by doing. Students will be guided to tackle the making of AI widgets.

Extended Mentor-ship Program : They can also work on their own special program/widget under the mentor-ship of an IIT Trainer after the camp as a part of our Extended Mentor-ship Program of 3 months.

Certificate of Achievement
Students will be awarded a nation-wide recognised certificate to mark the successful completion of the AI Camp on the final day, signed by the Company CEO and the IIT trainers and advisors.

Join the Camp

Our applications remain open for only a limited time. We have exclusively planned batches of SUPER30 i.e 30 students per batch only. An institution may request/book a camp to be arranged on their premises and multiple batches may be arranged if necessary.

Intercontinental Fees

Price - 16,750/- + GST

Days - 2 days (Sat & Sun)

Time - 09.00 am to 05.00 pm

(Students can avail special discount while applying.)

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Our program is a completely experiential one designed specially to stimulate a holistic development, encourage curiosity and to boost the creativity of all the students participating.

Python is the most popular, high-level, general-purpose, dynamic programming language in the market today. You’ll easily find it almost anywhere: not just for making webpages, desktop apps, for machine learning, to program network servers but also by companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Dropbox, Mozilla or NASA., the popular search engine for job listings, ranks Python in the Top 3 profitable programming languages of the world. No wonder more and more programmers are turning to this language.

Pros : Versatile, easy to learn and use, neat, readable, and well-structured.

Topics Covered : Introduction to Python, Data Types & Variables, Arrays, I/O in files, If else statements, Loops, Operators, Programming Constructs, Methods & Functions, Exception Handling.

Data Science, plainly speaking, is the study of data. It deals with extracting, analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data to generate insights. These insights then help companies in making powerful, data-driven decisions, making it the most highly sought after jobs of today.

Data Science is widely used in the fields of health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries.

Pros : Versatile, highly in demand, least boring.

Topics Covered : Framing the Problem, Collecting Data, Processing for Analysis, Exploring the Data, Performing In-Depth Analysis, Communicating Result .

Machine learning is used to power most innovative technologies of today. You see it in the form of the predictive analytics engines that show you your shopping recommendations on Amazon, and you also see it as the artificial intelligence technology that countless security and antivirus applications use worldwide.

Machine learning is a concept which believes that a computer can learn without human intervention. Or more clearly, it learns how to interpret information just like humans.

Pros : Progressive language, rapidly evolving field, deals with real-world applications.

Topics Covered : Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Applications, Predictive Learning, Neural Networks.